September 24, 2011

Praise The Ta-Ta's!

Yea, you heard correctly...Thank God for breasts!
We've been breastfeeding for almost 4 months now, and I cannot even explain how wonderful it's been!
It has been working so perfectly; from the time you were born everything has been so easy.
I am very fortunate that we haven't faced any problems, and I urge anyone who has found it difficult to keep trying!

There are so, so many benefits to breastfeeding, it's ridiculous!

For Mom:
It's easy! For convenience purposes, breastfeeding is the way to go! Not saying I'm lazy, but why not make life a whole lot easier for yourself. New mom's already have their hands full. Breastfeeding is quicker. Instead of your newborn screaming while waiting for you to make her bottle (especially in the middle of the night), you just lift up your shirt and voilĂ ! Happy baby = happy mom!
It helps with the guessing game.  During the first few months, while mom is still gaining her "all-knowing" super skills, its a lot better to put the baby on the breast to see if she's hungry. What's the worst that could happen? Baby pulls of to say she's not hungry. You didn't waste anytime preparing and heating up a bottle that your baby doesn't want.
Money, money, money. For those moms who would like to have an unlimited supply of food for your baby, anywhere and all the time...for FREE, say "Aye!"
It's all about the figure. And who wouldn't like to bounce back to pre-baby weight in just a matter of weeks. It's proven that breastfeeding helps shrink your uterus back down after giving birth, you can actually feel it! Depending on how many Big Macs you ate while pregnant (for me, way to many) it might take a bit longer to get back to pre-pregnancy weight, but if you are breastfeeding your uterus will shrink back down within a few days.

For Baby:
Instant bonding! Yes, everyone has heard that breastfeeding is a sure way for a mom to bond with her baby. It makes mom feel special also. When a baby is breastfed, mom is the one and only person who can feed them (unless of course a bottle is pumped). So yes, it creates a very strong bond between mom and baby and a sense of importance in the mother.
Baby's are messy enough. Breastfed baby's spit up does not stain! Did you know that? I couldn't believe it when I found out that formula can stain a baby's clothes. Also, breastfed baby's poop doesn't really smell; as as apposed to formula poo poos which have a very, very strong odor. And if you count up all of the bottles, nipples, containers of formula, measuring tools...etc. it seems breastfeeding is way less messy.
So many health benefits, I can't keep up! Now, I can't possibly list and explain all the health benefits breastfeeding has for a baby. Weather you believe them or not is up to you. Benefits such as: boosting baby's immune system, protecting baby from obesity, and even increasing baby's intelligence are constantly up for debate. But what I can tell you is that to me, it all makes sense. Since you are breastfed, Quinn, you don't have to eat specific measured amounts of formula. You eat whenever you want, as much as you want and you stop when you're full. I feel like you are getting all the food you need and I never have to worry that you aren't getting enough.

The list goes on and on, and weather or not a mom chooses to breastfeed is up to her.
But for us, it has been absolutely wonderful!

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