September 27, 2011

Welcome Home

What's New?
A lot.

We finally moved into our new house, and we are fitting in quite comfortably!
It is so so nice to finally have a place of our very own, just you and...and me.
You love taking naps in your very own room, and watching Mommy cook in our new kitchen!
It is still a work in progress, but it is a lovely place to be and I think you are really going to love it here.

You've been growing and changing faster than I would have ever imagined! From your ooo's and aaa's to trying so very hard to sit up, you are developing in so many ways.
These past couple days especially I have noticed you constantly trying to pull yourself up and cooing nonstop!
You simply lay there and talk and talk and talk!

Quinn "Talking" by Carrissa Rae Knox

I'm thinking that sitting up on your own and talking are just around the corner!

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