October 4, 2011

3 Cheers! For 4 Months!

What a way to spend our day!
4 months has come and here we are, still going strong.
Always going strong.
We've gone from confused and experimental, to getting a hang of things, to absolute routine perfection!
I am so proud of you and myself for how well we've been doing.

I've noticed lately how simplistic our life has become. Before you were here, Quinn, my life without you was moving so fast. I was on-the-go all day, everyday, and I never realized how unhappy I was.
Simplistic, yet interesting.

And here we sit now, with you cuddled up in your swing, looking out and the water on a beautiful autumn day. I wouldn't trade this for anything. You and I, untouched by society...not having to DO anything. But I know it must end, I am dreading the day.

We are great together, you and I, and who would of thought....a  Virgo and a Gemini.
A Virgo and a Gemini.

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