November 6, 2011


I am a few days late, I know, but you are now 5 months old! Growing more and more, of course, and still happy as can be!
A few weeks ago your grandma and I took you to the pumpkin patch for the very first time! We had fun looking at the animals and picking out the perfect pumpkins! The next day we carved our pumpkins and had a little photo shoot, which you actually really enjoyed! You are the cutest pumpkin in town.

So of course, following that we celebrated your first Halloween! We went over to your great aunt Osie's house with the family, enjoyed our traditional sloppy-jo dinner, and went trick-or-treating! You were dressed as the cutest little flower this mommy has ever seen :-) And you even carried your very own candy basket!

Developmentally, you are ever changing. You are sitting up so well and most of the time you don't need any support at all! You are eating cereal regularly twice a day; breakfast and dinner. At this age you enjoy going outside, playing in your many jumpers, and watching Sprout! You're getting so strong I feel like one day you are just going to get up and walk away! Also, you are learning more and more how to self-sooth, which is definitely a good thing. We are still working on falling asleep on your own, but I don't mind rocking you to sleep at night... I could do it forever.

Still waiting on teeth, and still waiting to crawl. And although you enjoy being spoon-fed and drinking out of your sippy cup, you still will not eat out of a bottle! I guess we will just have to wait and see.

6 months....bring it on.

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