November 25, 2011

The Christmas Tree Adventure...

I have had a real Christmas tree my whole life and ever since I can remember my mom would always take me to the Christmas tree farm to cut down a tree, shake it off and bundle it up of course, then haul it on home. So you can see, Quinn, how it is so important to me that we continue with this tradition! So the day after Thanksgiving (earlier than we've ever gone before...mostly because mommy was so excited) we went to cut down your very first Christmas tree!

Since it was so early this year, there wasn't any snow. Which is completely different from anytime I have ever gone! Maybe next year we will have to wait until the first snow fall to go get our tree! That could be an exciting tradition (However, living in Michigan... it could be anywhere from August to February!)

Anyways, Mommy took you to the Christmas tree farm with Grandma Daisy, Papa Bill, and Aunt GG.

(Note: No snow, yet.)
So,  after very little debate...we found the perfect trees. One for Grandma's house, and one for ours!

And...Mommy had to cut it down, because I am the strongest lady in all the land ;-)

And here, Quinn, is the tree for our house! Our very first, very own, Christmas tree!
So excited to decorate! More pictures coming soon!

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