November 24, 2011

I Am Thankful For You, Little Gemini.

Today we celebrated your very first Thanksgiving! We've had a crazyyy couple of days filled with crafting, cleaning, shopping, and cooking... but it was all worth it! Your Great Papa came home for the holiday and since we missed his birthday, we decided to celebrate it today. Mommy crocheted him a hat and attempted to make him (my first ever) fondant cake! Even though it wasn't perfect, he still loved it! What a great Papa :-)

We started off the day with some more cooking and last minute cleaning. We got all cleaned up and dressed real pretty, awaiting our fabulous family. Unfortunately, Mom didn't have a special Thanksgiving Day outfit for you, so I dressed you a pretty pink sweater that your Uncle Caden gave to you!

However, somehow you ended up in your Red Wings jersey instead. (Represent ;-))

So, for a few hours we just spent time with our family! Talked and played; just enjoyed each other's company.
Then, finally... we had our magnificent feast! You, of course, joined us at the table in your highchair and ate your favorite...bananas!

And when you were done your Great Papa felt the need to give you a bone, so you played with it for a little while; spinning it in your fingers like a baton :-)

We were all so grateful to see each other and ultimately just be able to spend time together! Thanksgiving, as you will learn, is one of our family's favorite holidays. It is always so great because it is so non-materialistic. Thanksgiving is not about the giving or receiving of presents, (like most other holidays), but is instead solely about enjoying one anothers company while cooking some great food!
Thanksgiving reminds us to stay grateful and think about all those things we are so fortunate to have.

Quinn, I am so thankful to have you, as well as the rest of our amazing family, in my life. I love you so very much, and I am so glad that you are here so we can spend this Thanksgiving together. I wouldn't trade you for the world, my sweet baby girl, and although I am thankful for many many things... you are and always will be the first name on my list.

I am thankful for you, little Gemini.
I love you.

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