November 18, 2011

A Monkey Loves Her B.a.n.a.n.a.s

**Warning, photo overload**

The past week has been pretty busy. We ended last week with a beautiful family get-together where your Great Papa surprised us with a visit, which was very exciting! We had a wonderful dinner and just spent the evening together. It was really  nice for you to get to see your Papa because you don't get to see his very often and we love him so much!

We also took you to get some pictures taken because Mommy received a coupon for a free photo shoot, score! So on Friday we thought it would be fun if you got some taken, here are just a few proofs...

After pictures, we came home and had our very first girl party with the F5! You had fun with all of your aunties and even survived initiation :-) (Even though you slept through most of the evening)

During the week, we did tons of crafts! Mommy even managed to paint the bathroom, it's about time huh!
We painted mugs to give to Corey, and yours turned out great! Mommy was surprised the paint actually got on the mug and not all over you, for the most part :)

Developmental Changes  This week you started completely sitting up in the tub by yourself! (you even got your first mohawk that night) Also, you ate bananas for the first time today and you absolutely loved them! It seems you enjoyed bananas way more than apples.

Mommy is proud of you big girl! Keep on growing <3

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