November 12, 2011

Quinn's Favorites... (5months)

So I know that I have been falling behind on my writing... but that is solely because I have been so busy with you, Quinn.

I've been thinking about our life and our daily routines, and I've realized that the older you become, the more things you are beginning to enjoy. It's nice watching you grow and change, and it is always so exciting when you start to do something new like favoring a new toy! So, I thought it would be a great idea to make a little list of all of your favorite things, currently!

1.) Your Jumpers.
You have a few different jumpers and you absolutely love them! You love standing up and jumping so these toys have been a life-saver! You have one in the family room, one in your bedroom doorway, and one that is usually in the kitchen so you can watch and talk to mom while she is cooking and cleaning!

2.) Mr. Friend
You were never too attached to stuffed animals until your grandma gave you your first Care Bear. His name is Mr. Friend and you are so in love with him! You always get so excited to see him and you hug and talk to him all the time. He always knows how to make you feel better...and, you have matching feet! :)

3.) Sprout
I never thought that I would let you watch that much television, but you have always loved it. The only channel that we watch is the PBS Sprout Channel and your favorite "The Sunny Side Up Show :-)

5.) Hats and Toys
The older you get, the more you enjoy playing with your toys! Your absolute favorite toys are your links. You have tons of them and it's no surprise to find these little guys in every corner of our house! You also love wearing hats! Not only do they keep your little bald head warm, but they are also so adorable!

These are just a few of your favorites at this stage of your life. I'm excited to see what comes next!

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