December 6, 2011

6 Months! (Babies, Bullets, and Big Heads!)

Six months already... I can't believe it's here.
When you were born I remember thinking how far away it felt, and how big it seemed for a baby to be 6 months old...but here you are!

Six months old, happy, healthy, and beautiful!

Today, you had your six month check-up!
Length: 25 inches! (25 percentile)
Weight: 14lbs 11.2oz (25 percentile)
Head Circumference: 17in (75 percentile)
(Haha apparently you have a huge head! It's because you're so smart)

Developmentally, you are learning to do the most adorable things!
When we say "Show me your tongue..." you stick your tongue out a give a little smile :-P
Also, when you're laying on your back and we tell you to "Exercise" you've learned to flap your arms up and down at your sides like you're doing a little work-out! You can pretty much sit up all by yourself (except for the occasion fall downs) and, you NEVER stop rolling over! You are getting so big and so smart, it's unbelievable!

Just in time for you're six month celebration you received and early Christmas present from your Great Grandma...The Baby Bullet! We are so excited and you seem to really love it! We even made bananas tonight (your FAVORITE). It's so easy, so cost efficient, and so healthy...I don't know what I'd do without it!

 Here's your bullet and bananas ready to go!
 Just put in the bananas, add a little bit of water, puree for about 10 seconds and...
 Voila! Fast, easy, perfect, baby bananas!
And look at those adorable storage cups!
All because, "A healthy baby...
  " a happy baby!"


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