December 20, 2011

A Time of Many Firsts...

So many firsts have happened today!
Just last night you starting sticking your tongue out alllll the way and making a super silly face!
While you were eating your dinner you just looked at me, with a crazy little face, stuck out your tongue and bit down!

Haha it was the silliest thing I've ever seen you do, but you keep on doing it!

Today, you took your first steps of crawling.
We were sitting in the living room, you were on your belly, and you kept reaching toward your container of wipes.
I continuously pushed the wipes farther and father away from you, and you got up on your hands and knees and crawled about two steps!
After it happened, I realized I should probably record you! But you didn't do it quite as good as the first time, so I will just have to keep my camera ready for next time!
But here's what I did catch:

Anddd another short clip:

You are definitely getting there!
You can go from sitting up, over on to your belly...
You can spin all the way around while on your belly...
You can scoot across the room...
and now you are pulling yourself up on your hands and knees and almost crawling!

Also,  tonight was your first night having vegetables! You had sweet potatoes and you loved them! Luckily for me, I had just as much fun making them as you did eating them :-)



Sweet potatoes are fun and pretty easy to make! You have to bake the sweet potato, peal the skin, throw it in the blender with some water and that's it!
I love your Baby Bullet, I am so happy that I can feed you fresh food that I get to make! I want you to be as healthy as possible, no fillers and preservatives for this growing girl!

You also got your very first letter from Santa today! Sent specially to you from the North Pole!
He wanted to let you know how excited he is to spend your very first Christmas with you! He also said that since this is your first Christmas, you have a special spot on his nice list! But, he also said that for years to come you must make sure to be a good girl and be nice to others. Santa said he was looking forward to peaking in on you when he flies over this way on Christmas and he would try not to wake you!

I am so excited to celebrate your very first Christmas with you.
I love you big girl, keep growing <3

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