January 4, 2012

7 Months Already...

It's hard to believe that you are 7 months old already. Even though I have cherished every moment we've spent together so far, time as still gone by so fast. It's January now, and we have celebrated your very first Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas...before you know it, your birthday will be here!

The Schedule
Lately we haven't been too busy, mostly just staying bundled up inside! But we have gone out a few times, to the mall, to Wal-Mart ;-), and we even went ice skating for the first time!

Well, having been able to sit up on your own for a while now... you are now moving on to bigger and better things! You have mastered scooting across the floor on your tummy (and I must say, you are able to move quiet efficiently!), and you are starting to crawl! Still only taking a few steps at a time, but you are definitely getting better everyday.

Vocally, you have been learning to make more sounds and boy, do you love to talk! You have officially been saying "hey" for about a month now, and you can even repeat it back!

Likes & Dislikes
Right now your favorite things are still your jumpers, your links, and your phone. But you've also taken more interest in your toys that play music and have other lights and sounds on them. Also, you love food. Every kind of baby food that you have eaten so far, you have absolutely loved!
Like I've stated before, you are a very easy going and happy baby. There are very few things that you dislike, and I honestly can't think of anything that you don't like.

The Menu
So far you have eaten (in order):
  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Pears
  • Sweet Potatoes (first vegetable!)
  • Squash
  • Green Beans (first greens!)
Meal time is so enjoyable when you love absolutely everything! The baby bullet also makes meals so fun and so easy, like I'm sure I've ranted about before.

Not much has changed in the past month, but how about some more 7 month pictures as closure :-)

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