January 22, 2012

Ba Ba Ba Ba... What Has Quinn Been Up To?


So I haven't updated in a while and am way overdue!
Today, you are 7 months and 18 days old. On the 11th, you weighted 15 lbs 9 oz! You are getting so big :-)
Since our last post we've added 4 new foods to your menu:
  • Peaches
  • Carrots
  • Blueberrys
  • and Peas!
And, of course, you love them all!

In addition to cruising across the floor, you've found some new talents of yours.
You've been poofing air out of your mouth, even blowing it in my face! You've also discovered the "Ba" sound... and it seems like you realllllly love it.
You repeat it non stop and although it is adorable, when repeated enough, it can get a little annoying :-)

So far this year, we've stayed busy crafting, playing, and just trying to stay bundled up!
I am so excited for our pond to freeze so we can go ice skating again! You absolutely love the outdoors and you seemed to enjoy watching everyone skate last time we went.

...Well, it looks like nap time is over :-)
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