February 6, 2012


Quinn had her doctors appointment at 10:45 this morning. I was, somewhat, of a nervous wreck. No one ever knows what to do when their baby gets sick for the first time, and I couldn't help but worry about her little rash being something terrible. I didn't want to pump her with antibiotics. yuck. But luckily, like I had known deep down there somewhere, it was nothing to worry about.
After that annoying wait, surrounded by adorable but sick children, we got called back for weight, temp, and basic measurements. My big girl weighted 16lbs 9.6oz!
Then, naked we got... while we awaited Quinn's doctor.
I explained to her the order and description of symptoms; drowsiness, fever, loss of appetite, then rash.
After she checked Quinn's body out fully, Dr. Kowalski told us that she had come down with a childhood virus called Roseola. Though it sound scary, it is absolutely nothing to worry about and should be completely gone in just a few days! "Roseola is most common in children 6 to 24 months of age", and that is right where we are.
You can read more about Roseola here.
There is no treatment and the whole illness only lasts about a week. So I was very happy to hear that everything should be back to normal soon! She seems to be feeling 100% better already! Don't forget to vote for our blog! (You can vote every 24 hours. Quinn thanks you!) -->Vote For Us @ TopBabyBlogs.Com - A Top Baby Blog List By topbabyblogs.com