February 3, 2012

Eight Months and Counting

Come morning, Quinn, you will be 8 months old. 8 months, it's hard to believe.
This past month has been one of those months where everyday we wake up to something new. One of those months where you change everyday, where you change right before my eyes. I am watching you grow... and as scary as I thought it would be, I am surprised at how exciting it actually is! I thought I never wanted you to grow up and as it started happening I would have a heart attack or something...but, no. I am here...growing with you, helping you, and supporting you on your ever-changing journey.

Like I said, you have changed so much lately!
Well... where we last left off you had just discovered your "Ba Ba Ba" sounds. But since then, you have learned to say "Ma Ma Ma", "Ga Ga Ga" and "Ya Ya Ya"! Can you believe it!  Yes, it really did seem as though you woke up one morning with an extended vocabulary. Always talking; telling stories.

Also, another major accomplishment, I finally got you to take a bottle! Yes, I know 8 months is a little old for you to just now be taking a bottle... but you've wanted nothing to do with it. After just giving you a sippy cup for a little while, I decided to re-introduce the bottle. Fill it with a little apple juice, and you love it!

It just keeps getting more exciting.
So, you have mastered crawling and I've noticed you've been getting pretty good at going from sitting, to crawling, and back to sitting again. 
And for the first time, on January 30th, you pulled yourself up to standing all by yourself!

You have been trying to pull yourself up for a while now, mostly on people though. You would crawl on over to me and try to pull yourself up by using my shirt. So I decided to open up your super cool new toy that you got for Christmas, and you pulled yourself right up!
I was so proud of you!

Little did I know, the excitement was just now beginning.

The very next day, January 31st, we were visiting with our friend Holly. Not only was that the first day that I started feeding you little finger foods, but after bragging about how you had pulled yourself up for the first time, you crawled on over to her... pulled yourself up...and started walking.

It was completely out of the blue, but you just kept going! A little wobbly, of course...you are only 8 months old, but you are learning to walk! Your uncle Caden was walking at 10 months, and I'm pretty darn sure you'll be right up there with him!

So besides the talking, the bottle, the standing, and the walking... everything else has just been laid back.
We have gone for walks, crafted, and have just been taking every day one at a time. 
The past month recap in pictures? Sure, why not.



I'm very excited for what the future has in store for us, it just keeps getting better and better.
You are changing before my eyes, and I am just so lucky that I get to spend every day with the love of my life.

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