February 29, 2012

March 31-Day Photo Challenge!

Feel free to join me in "My Earlybird Baby in March" 31-day photo challenge! Everyday in March I will post a picture of my baby girl Quinn (filtered with Instagram's Earlybird), and answer one question.
I've created this for my blog and Instagram as well!
*If you are going to join via Instagram make sure you tag #myeaerlybirdbabyinmarch to join the fun!
*If you don't have an iPhone and can't filter your photos with Instagram, please still feel free to join!

Daily Questions (answer corresponding to the date):
1. What was your baby's first word?
2. Your baby's favorite tv/book/movie character?
3. Baby's favorite food? Share a picture during mealtime.
4. Which milestones has your baby met? (roll, sit, crawl, stand, walk)
5. Is your baby a movie star, scientist, comedian, librarian, or president?
6. How many teeth (if any) does your baby have? Which ones?
7. Does your baby like music? Which kind? Do they dance?
8. Has your baby ever been sick? :-( When, with what?
9. Was/is your baby breastfed or formula fed? How long? What kind of formula?
10. What is your baby's favorite toy?
11. Does your baby have a favorite book? Which one?
12. What is the silliest thing your baby has done? Share a pic of your baby being silly.
13. What is one thing your baby does NOT like?
14. What kind of diapers do/did you use?
15. Who is your baby's favorite person, besides mommy and daddy?
16. When is your baby's birthday? How old are they now?
17. Share a picture of you and your baby. What traits did they get from you?
18. Does your baby have any animal friends? Share a picture of your baby with their pet.
19. Share a picture of your baby in your favorite outfit. Why/Where did you get it?
20. Is there a family member that spoils your baby? Who? How?
21. Where was your baby born? (city, state or country)
22. What will be/was the theme for your baby's first birthday?
23. What was your baby's first food? List all the foods your baby has eaten.
24. Share a picture of your baby in their room/crib. What is the theme of their room?
25. What was your baby for their first Halloween?
26. What was your baby's take home outfit? (what were they wearing when you brought them home from the hospital)
27. Does your baby have any vaccinations? If so, how many? Which ones?
28. Was was your baby's expected due date? How far off (late or early) were they?
29. What was your baby's birth measurements? (weight, length, head)
30. What are your baby's current measurements? (weight, length, head) What percentiles?
31. What is your favorite thing about your baby/your favorite thing your baby does?

*For the sake of my little blog, and not wanting to blow it up, I've decided to share all of the pictures and answers in one post on the 31st of March!*
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