February 11, 2012

Puke, Allergies, and Watermelon.

Last night, shortly after feeding Quinn dinner, she started to develop a rash-like irritation on her face (mostly around her eye). She had fallen asleep and Grandma was holding her, so we decided we would not put her down and continue to keep an eye on it...no pun intended. A few moments later, she awoke by gagging and continued to throw up everywhere! We quickly ran her to the sink, undressed her, and tried to wipe her down as best and as quickly as possible but in my head I just said "screw it" and held her against my chest to calm her down, puke and all.
After she calmed down, I finished cleaning her and started to get her dressed but noticed that the rash on her face had spread to her tummy and a few spots on her back.
This was so stressful, seeing as Quinn has never even been sick before last week (read about that adventure here and the diagnosis here) and now she is throwing up! Oh man, I was feeling so bad for her.
So, by the time we finished checking her out, cleaning her, loving her, and making sure everything was okay... Grandpa had returned from the drugstore with some children's allergy medication. However, for children under 4 years you are not supposed to give it to them unless advised by your pediatrician. So we quickly made a phone call to the office.
After several explanations and a few nurses later, we were on the phone with Dr. Kowalski. (It was so nice being able to talk directly to Quinn's doctor! Especially since it was after hours and we weren't sure who we would be talking to) Dr. Kowalski confirmed that it was an allergic reaction to the watermelon that we had introduced for the first time that evening. Luckily, the worst symptoms for allergic reactions happen in the first 2 hours so we were confident that she had gotten it all out of her system. The doctor instructed us not to feed her any more melons until she was at least a year old.
(The reason I introduced the melon was because I read in her "Baby Bullet" information guide that babies could have melons at 8  months... I guess not this baby.)
So I just kept a good eye on her and she seemed to be back to normal and happy shortly after that, and needless to say we were unable to start her new "eating-free nightly routine" that you can read about here.
But on the bright-side, she is as happy as ever this morning as if last night never happened!

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