February 23, 2012

"Welcome Quinn!" Playlist

While scrolling through my iTunes I realized that I still had my "Welcome Quinn!" playlist. It was the playlist that I created and played in the hospital room during our entire labor and birth! I thought that I would share it here for other readers to enjoy and who knows, it could possibly help someone out if they are having a "labor-and-delivery-playlist-making-brain-fart".
*Having a playlist of music that I LOVE play during my entire labor was so helpful! It not only helped me stay calm and collective, but it made me feel comfortable... almost as if I were at home.

So, here goes... some of my favorites.

Some things I would change:
1.) As you can see I only made the playlist 58.8 minutes long. I would recommend definitely making it longer, unless of course you want to listen to it on repeat 10000 times like I did.
2.) Some songs I wish I would have included:
  • Sprout and the Bean- Joanna Newsom
  • The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades Is Out- Sufjan Stevens
  • How It Ends- DeVotchKa
  • Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland- Sufjan Stevens
  • Naked As We Came- Iron & Wine
  • Chicago (acoustic)- Sufjan Stevens
  • Left Side Drive- Boards of Canada
  • 32 Flavors- Ani DiFranco
  • Glosoli- Sigur Ros
Those are just some old favorites that I think would have fit nicely :-)

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