February 5, 2012

What to do...What to do?

So, Quinn seemed to be feeling a little under the weather Wednesday. Nothing too major, but she had droopy eyes and was extra sleepy. I didn't look too into it because I thought maybe she was just a little drained, but I found it very possible that her body may have been fighting off a little bug. Come Thursday, she was very cranky (which is unusual for Quinn) and I noticed she was starting to get a slight fever. Not too concerned, I decided I would give her doctor a call to see if I should maybe bring her in for a visit on the following day; Friday. It turns out that Quinn's doctor would not be in the office, so we just made the appointment for first thing Monday morning and we would just have to wait it out... who knows, she might even be 100% better before then!
But, Friday she was even more cranky and had a major loss of appetite. She seemed to still have a slight fever but it wasn't nearly as bad. I started getting worried, but again not too worried.
Until late Saturday night, when I noticed she had a rash all over her tummy. I had no idea why she would have a rash? And besides that, her fever seemed to have gone away and she was acting like her normal, happy self. Then, this Sunday morning I noticed it spread all over her body.
So I found myself thinking, what do I do??
It's a Sunday, so the only place I could take her to see a doctor is the emergency room...but do I really want to take an 8 month old baby (who has never been sick) to the hospital emergency room? Who knows what kind of exposure that could be, it might even be more detrimental to take her there. But although we have an appointment with her pediatrician tomorrow I'm still very worried. I know I shouldn't be, but being a new mom to my very first...you have to expect that. On one hand I don't want to just up and rush her to the doctor at the first sign that she might be coming down with something, I'm not all about just pumping my child full of medicine... but on the other hand, I just don't want to wait too long and find myself wishing I had brought her in earlier.
Well that's the thing about first time mom's, isn't it? You learn as you go.

We will just have to see what our pediatrician has to say tomorrow morning, and hopefully we can get Quinn back to her little, glowing self!

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