March 2, 2012

9 Month Check-Up

Today was your check-up; even though you are still 2 days shy of being 9 months old. You weighted a little over 17 lbs and everything was looking good! I asked the doctor about the dry skin that you've been having on your belly and she told us that it could just be baby eczema and prescribed us a cream to make it all better. They gave us a little urine-sample kit to take home and bring back with us for your 1 year check-up! (One year, I know! It's so crazy to think about)
After getting everything checked from your big 'ole head to your teanie tiny toes... Dr. Kowalski informed us that at 9 months they usually do a CBC blood test to check iron levels, blood count, etc.
Eh, blood test. Everyone dreads blood tests. Although I must say that after being pregnant, you seem to get over the fear/dislike of blood tests very quickly. So we hoped it would just be a simple finger prick but once we went to the lab the technician pulled out the butterfly needle and two empty tubes :-(
It was your first time ever getting your blood taken (and ever getting poked at all) so it's not expected for you to be completely fine with it, but (minus the crying and screaming) you did handle it okay. I think it was more traumatic for mom then it was for you, because while I am still here thinking and talking about it... you are well on your way to other things!
The good thing about 9 month old sweet little babies... they bounce back quickly!
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