March 12, 2012

9 Months, 1 Week...

One week ago was your 9 month birthday... but since then, so much has changed! Where do I start?

Likes and Dislikes.
I've noticed lately that you enjoy being in your jumper less and less. I think it's because you are so independent now and you want to crawl, stand, and explore.
Also, I've noticed you really enjoying to pack and unpack things! It started with your laundry basket of clean clothes, you spend so long pulling them out and putting them back in. So I got you your wooden block with the shapes you put inside and once you started taking them all out just to put them back in, I realized that it was the packing an unpacking that you enjoy! So needless to say, I can put a big box in front of you full of toys and you will stay occupied FOREVER just taking everything out and putting it back in.

Developmentally: Physical.
You are not only a little speed demon when it comes to crawling, but you are mastering pulling up on to things. You can now pull yourself up one handed, you can stand for a second or two without holding on to anything, and you can stand on your knees for a pretty long time!
You've also gotten so big that we needed to lower your crib this week! Now you can pull yourself up all you want and I won't have to worry about you climbing over!

Developmentally: Cognitive.
Just this past week I've noticed you really understanding and enjoying to hand things to people. You will hand out toys to people an wait for them to take it and you also like to feed people! If you are eating (your new favorite) Cheerios, you will hold them out and put them to my mouth! It's the cutest thing, only you very rarely let me actually eat them... most of the time you snatch them back for your(piggy)self.
Also, for the very first time today you clapped! I was repeating "clap, clap, clap" to you while clapping my hands together and you clapped your hands twice! It was such an amazing moment!

A few days ago you started calling your dog Sarge "duh"! It sounds very close to "dog" and you always say it when he is around!!
And today, for the first time, you tried to repeat "duck"! It sounds more like "dah" but you mimicked me a few times today!

You are still in love with Cheerios, but you did try apricots for the first time this week and of course you love them. I haven't found anything yet that you don't enjoy eating!

Those are all of your new developments from just this week! You are growing and changing faster than ever... I'm just trying to keep up!

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