March 5, 2012

Nine Months!

Yesterday marked your 9 month birthday!
You are three quarters of the way there, and before you know it... you will be a year old!
A lot has changed the past month, and like always...there have been many firsts.
Your first time being sick! Read about it (here) and the Roseola diagnosis (here)...
Your first sign of an allergy! Read about those yucky watermelons (here)...
Your first time getting your blood taken! Read about your 9-mo check up (here)...
And so much more!

What's new on the menu?
  • Asparagus
  • Turkey
  • Watermelon (no no!)
  • Avacado
  • Chicken
  • Cheerios!
 You are cruising along so well now, Quinn. You love exploring and getting in to everything! But crawling isn't enough for you. You've been pulling yourself up on EVERYTHING and you just cant get enough standing!

In addition to pulling yourself up on everything, you've also mastered climbing the stairs! I just can't keep you away from them, you've climbed all the way up several times by yourself (of course with mommy right there behind you)...but you are such a climber!

You've also gotten much more vocal this past month. You finally say "Ma Ma" to me and you are getting quite good at mimicking.

Another one of your goofy new habits is clicking your tongue. Your Grandpa Bill and Aunt Emma started doing it to you one day and within 5 minutes, you were doing it yourself!

You are changing and growing more and more everyday, like always, and every minute gets more and more exciting. Keep growing, Big Girl.

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