March 16, 2012

Problem: Shoes.

Well, Quinn, you have been very fussy about wearing shoes. A few months ago a got you the most adorable furry pink winter boots, but seeing as the weather this winter was not very cold at all you were barely able to wear them. So, I decided to get you some little tennis shoes. I figured now that you are starting to walk, they will be your first "walking shoes" and would be able to help you with.
The first time I put them on you, you screamed. And screamed and screamed and screamed!
The second time I put them on you, you screamed again.
So, I took them off and for a few days just let you play with them as toys. It took a while because at first when I would bring them out in front of you, you started to cry. I'm not sure if you thought I was going to put them on you, but just seeing them stressed you out! So a few more tries and just yesterday you wore them no problem!

It's bitter sweet seeing you with big girl shoes on because they make you look so grown up.

So here you are, hating your shoes, but playing with them to get used to them.

And yesterday, you rocked them!

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