March 29, 2012

Why Short Hair?

You might be wondering why I'm dedicating a blog post to my hair and more important... what the heck it has to do with you, Quinn. Well I've decided to go back to the short hair that I rocked before you were created and there are many, many reasons why.
So, again, why short hair? ...

For moms, short hair is EASY! Especially being a single mom, I either have to have someone watch you for a minute or two so I can jump in the shower or (most of the time) I just take you on in there with me. But when I get out of the shower I immediately have other things to tend to, which doesn't leave much time for styling my hair. That goes for getting ready in the morning as well... the less time it takes, the better!

It's out of the way! Basically, my hair has turned into your own little tug-toy... You just LOVE to pull my hair. With it short, it's a lot harder for you to get it! Also, when it's long I have to either put it in a ponytail (which I NEVER do) or constantly keep pulling it back and now it's not in the way!

It's cheaper. Now this might be a stretch, but it makes sense. Long hair needs products; detanglers, oils, heat protectants, spray, etc. Short hair doesn't get tangled, you don't need to straighten it, and you barely even need spray! So I save a lot of money not having to continuously buy all of these products, and the ones that you do use end up lasting wayyyyy longer because you use less! Same theory applies for shampoo and conditioner usage.

It styles itself. Short hair barely needs attention, it usually manages to look good. Long hair, if it is un-brushed and styled, it can look like you've just rolled out of bed (even if you have it should never be obvious!) Short hair doesn't get tangled or nappy and most of the time it will look like you've styled it even if you haven't! I've also found that when my hair was longer, I felt like I had so much hair I didn't know what to do with it so I usually ended up with the same style every day.

And most importantly, It's almost summer...and why not!?

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