April 30, 2012

April Baby Photo-A-Day

I know I haven't updated in a while because we have been so busy! Hopefully soon I will do a birthday planning update and share what we've done so far!! But, today is April 30th and it's the last day for our April Baby Photo-A-Day 30-day photo challenge. We've had such a good turn out with this on Instagram with over 6,200 pictures shared so far! 
So, I thought I would share with everyone our photos this month...

 Day 1- Smile.
 Day 2- Bath.
 Day 3- Baby booty.
Day 4- Exploring.
 Day 5- Baby toes.
 Day 6- Lunch time.
 Day 7- Pink or blue.
Day 8- Today's outfit.
 Day 9- Kisses.
 Day 10- Close-up.
 Day 11- Nap time.
Day 12- Playing.
 Day 13- Eyes.
 Day 14- Action shot.
 Day 15- From above.
Day 16- Silly face.
 Day 17- Black and white.
 Day 18- Baby @ 5pm.
 Day 19- Car ride.
Day 20- A book.
 Day 21- Outside.
 Day 22- Favorite toy.
 Day 23- Name.
Day 24- From behind.
 Day 25- Baby belly.
 Day 26- Holding hands.
 Day 27- Shoes.
 Day 28- Cuddling.
 Day 29- Messy.
Day 30- You and baby!

Feel free to join us on Instagram for "May Baby Photo-A-Day"!

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