April 3, 2012

Cheerio Brain

I woke up with a different baby this morning. Somehow between last night and this morning you have been replaced with some genius baby, especially when it comes to Cheerio's.

After playing around a little bit this morning, I gave you a few Cheerio's before breakfast. I took of the lid to your little container and set it on the floor for you. A few minutes goes by and when I look back over you had managed to snap the lid back on the container. I couldn't believe it so it took it off, but only to watch you snap it right back on a few moments later. You had never done that before and I was proud at how smart you were to know that's where the lid goes.
So a few minutes after that I noticed that all of your Cheerio's were gone. When you pulled yourself up to the chair I was sitting in I asked "Are they all gone? Did you eat them all?" You then sat back down, crawled over to your little empty container, brought it back over to me, pulled yourself up again, and handed it to me (making sure to let out a little groan of sadness).
Again, I was shocked. So I gave you a few remaining Cheerio's that I had sitting up here with me and headed to the kitchen to grab the box of Cheerio's. As usual, you came chasing after me. But this time you remembered that you still had a few Cheerio's that you had left behind. So you went back, ate one, and came back into the kitchen. But as soon as you had finished that Cheerio, you turned right back around to get more. Only this time you grabbed four or five of them for the road :-)
It doesn't stop there. After filling up your container with new Cheerio's, you accidentally spilled them. So I leaned down to put them back in and you started picking them up and putting them in it with me! I shouldn't be too surprised about that because you are so good at packing things into containers...but usually when it comes to food it just goes right in your mouth.
So I'm not sure if somehow you grew a few months in your sleep or if these Cheerio's have super brain-growth powers... but either way, you are turning into a very bright little girl.

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