April 2, 2012

An Eventful Night. (Crying, Puking, Showering)

Last night started out as normal as any other. After a long day of playing, a visit from our friend Amanda, a very exciting True Blood preview, and some dinner for the both of us... we decided to call it a night. You were pretty tired seeing as for the last couple of days we've been trying to eliminate your afternoon nap so that you will sleep better at night (it seemed to really help considering you are now only waking up once or twice instead of three or four times and you are also sleeping in until 10!) So, I got you all ready for bed and all was good... for a little while at least.

You woke up for the first time around 2:00 a.m. You tried to nurse but for some reason I didn't let down (which has never happened before). But luckily you were only trying to eat for comfort and I ended up being able to put you quickly back to sleep by just rubbing your back and soothing you.
The second time you woke up it was about 6:00 a.m. And this time... you were hungry. Which is crazy considering you eat SO much for dinner. But, you were hungry, so I was going to feed you. At first I tried to nurse you, but again, ran into a little issue with not being able to let down. So, I figured that maybe I would try to give you some formula because if there was any time you were going to drink formula it would be when you were half asleep and just wanted to drink. You had never really had formula besides a few times when you were a tiny baby... but every time I have tried to give it to you since you refused to drink it.
I made you a bottle of formula, you took two sips, cried, and was pretty upset with me. After that didn't work I laid you down and gave you your binky. Then, you instantly started gagging and continued to puke EVERYWHERE. Three times... all over yourself...all over me... the bed... the floor... it wasn't good. I was very worried and am still a little confused seeing as you didn't even drink ONE ounce?

You were pretty upset after that, but we cleaned up and ended up just jumping in the shower. On a side note, there is nothing better than a post-puke-cuddley-shower together :-)
And after that, you were pretty tired so you quickly fell asleep for the rest of our short night.

So the only problem being that hopefully I can get my supply back up considering you are NOT going to take formula and you are a little too young to drink cow's milk. We will see how things go tonight, fingers crossed!

(Here you are post puking and showering, super tired, but still smiling!)

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