March 31, 2012

March Photo Challenge!

Before the first of the month I created "My Earlybird Baby in March" which is a 31 day photo challenge that I did on Instagram! (read about it here!)
Every day I posted a picture of Quinn (using the "earlybird" filter on IG) and answered a question!

So, here is our month in pictures...


Daily Questions (answer corresponding to the date):
1. What was your baby's first word?
A: Quinn's first word was "heyyyyy" but she only said it with a really low old-man voice? She then moved on to "hi" and finally "mama"!

2. Your baby's favorite tv/book/movie character?
A: Quinn loves Sprout and her favorite character is Chica!

3. Baby's favorite food? Share a picture during mealtime.
A: Quinn LOVES Puffs (or any finger-food) and apple juice!

4. Which milestones has your baby met? (roll, sit, crawl, stand, walk)
A: Quinn rolled over at 1 month, sat up at 6 months, crawled at 7 months, and walked with help and pulled herself up at 8 months!

5. Is your baby a movie star, scientist, comedian, librarian, or president?
A: Quinn is all of the above, she has a HUGE variety of personalities She's my funny-little- artistic-book-loving-drama-queen.

6. How many teeth (if any) does your baby have? Which ones?
A: Quinn has NO teeth yet! I love her gummy-grins... Let's keep it that way!

7. Does your baby like music? Which kind? Do they dance?
A: Quinn LOVES The Wiggles! She doesn't dance yet, but she waves her arm! Oh, and she loves the True Blood theme song :-)

8. Has your baby ever been sick? :-( When, with what?
A: Quinn has had a rash once called Roseola, and she has gotten sick on watermelon because we think she is allergic.

9. Was/is your baby breastfed or formula fed? How long? What kind of formula?
A: Quinn is breast fed! For 9 months now.

10. What is your baby's favorite toy?
A: Probably her wooden cube that she puts her shapes in. Quinn LOVES to pack and unpack things.
11. Does your baby have a favorite book? Which one?
A: Quinn loves books. She has puffy books, but she loves to flip through the pages of real paper books!

12. What is the silliest thing your baby has done? Share a pic of your baby being silly.
A: Quinn does a lot of silly things, but I'd have to say the silliest is when she sticks her tongue out really far!

13. What is one thing your baby does NOT like?
A: Quinn is usually very happy but I'd have to say one thing she doesn't like is when you stop feeding her or take her food away. Little piggy.

14. What kind of diapers do/did you use?
A: Quinn used to use Huggies little snugglers but now she's in Huggies little movers!

15. Who is your baby's favorite person, besides mommy and daddy?
A: Besides Mommy, Quinn's favorite person is Grandma Daisy.

16. When is your baby's birthday? How old are they now?
A: Quinn is 9 months old and her birthday is June 4th!!

17. Share a picture of you and your baby. What traits did they get from you?
A: Quinn got almost all of her traits from me. Her hair and skin is the exact same color as mine. And we, as babies, had the same cheeks, mouth and nose. Her eyes are a little darker and more almond shaped than mine.

18. Does your baby have any animal friends? Share a picture of your baby with their pet.
A: Quinn has one dog, two cats, and two ducks at her grandmas house! Here is Quinn with her "duck duck"!

19. Share a picture of your baby in your favorite outfit. Why/Where did you get it?
A: This is my favorite outfit of Quinn's. I got it for her because it has a ladybug on the onsie and the little polka dot pants have ruffles on the butt!

20. Is there a family member that spoils your baby? Who? How?
A: Quinn's Uncle Caden and Grandma spoil her ridiculously. Grandma spoils Quinn with love and Uncle Caden buys her everything she could ever want.

21. Where was your baby born? (city, state or country)
A: Michigan.

22. What will be/was the theme for your baby's first birthday?
A: Most likely... ladybugs.

23. What was your baby's first food? List all the foods your baby has eaten.
A: Quinn's first was apples... follwed by: bananas, pears, sweet potatoes, squashy, green beans, peaches, carrots, blueberries, peas, turkey, asparagus, chicken, avacado, Cheerio's, then apricots.

24. Share a picture of your baby in their room/crib. What is the theme of their room?
A: The theme of Quinn's room is ladybugs.

25. What was your baby for their first Halloween?
A: Quinn was a flower.

26. What was your baby's take home outfit? (what were they wearing when you brought them home from the hospital)
A: I don't have a pic! But it was a onesie that said "mommy says I'm purrr-fect" with little cheetah print pants!

27. Does your baby have any vaccinations? If so, how many? Which ones?
A: None! Quinn is vaccine-free!

28. Was was your baby's expected due date? How far off (late or early) were they?
A: Quinn was due May 25, 2011 and was 10 days LATE!

29. What was your baby's birth measurements? (weight, length, head)
A: Quinn was 20 inches long and 8lbs 2.3oz

30. What are your baby's current measurements? (weight, length, head) What percentiles?
A: 17lbs 1.6oz, 27 inches long. She's in the 25th percentile... So tiny!

31. What is your favorite thing about your baby/your favorite thing your baby does?
A: My favorite thing about Quinn is her silly faces and her personality :-)

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