April 5, 2012

Quinn is 10 Months!!!

Yesterday marked your 10 month birthday! It has sneaked up on us so fast, I feel like you have just turned 9 months! And of course It's crazy to me that in just 2 months you will be one year old, so much has changed...

Developmental- Cognitive:
This past month your little brain has grown and changed so much. You've been dancing and clapping all the time! It's the cutest thing and I can tell that you really enjoy music. Whenever music comes on, even if it's just a commercial on T.V., you INSTANTLY start dancing: jumping up and down, rocking back and forth, clapping your hands, and shaking your booty!
You've also been talking like crazy! Just recently you've been putting together 2 word sentences! At 10 months old, yes. You've been saying "Hi, Dog" "Hi, Mom" and just today you said "Daisy"!
Some other cute things that you've been doing all the time are coming to me for kisses, feeding people, handing me things, and helping clean up. I feel like your brain is just growing and growing and growing, like you are a different baby every day!

Developmental- Physical:
You are still pulling yourself up on everything and walking fairly well with your little walker. You can't stand on your own yet or walk but we are close!
Still, no teeth! I'm beginning to think you will never get any teeth or hair ;-)
You've also been playing with your recorder alllllll the time! It's so cute because I will step into the other room or just around the corner and I will hear a little "tooooot", when I look back your are playing the recorder and laughing and smiling so big! Watch a video: (here)

The Menu:
Since your 9 month birthday you've enjoyed garbanzo beans,  kidney beans, and pasta noodles! You still absolutely LOVE peas and chicken and your favorite thing to do is feed yourself. I have never seen you turn down food and you would eat all day every day if you could!

What Have We Been Up To?
The weather was beautiful for a while so we've been spending a lot of time outside! Playing in the sun and watching our ducks and chickens grow and play. Besides that, we've been doing some birthday planning and crafting: read about our plans here and see your adorable crafted outfit here!
We've also been doing some diaper experimenting because for some reason the diapers that we have been using (Huggies Little Movers) have been leaking like crazy! I mean like 3 times a day, serious leaking. It has been very frustrating and diapers are NOT cheap. We have yet to find a diaper that fits your correctly and doesn't leak. I think a lot of it has to do with because you are so long and lean and you don't have any chunk, so the diapers bag out in weird spots!
Same thing with shoes. We went to Payless to see our good friend Emily that works there and to check out some little sandals for you. Like me, your feet are long and narrow, so the size 1 is too short and size 2 fit great in length but are way too wide!

But overall we have had a great month with many more to come!
My big girl is growing up so fast...

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