April 15, 2012

What Works For Us

After reading many other mommy blogs and following moms on Instagram, I have gotten a pretty good feel about how others raise their children. Yes, a few times I have been shocked... but honestly there are so many different parenting styles out there and it's all about what works for YOU.

Everyone has their own practices and beliefs and what works for you as a parent can be different from someone else, and all parents have their own views of what is right and wrong.
So I figured I would share what Quinn and I believe and what works for us. But, I'd like to start by saying... I am not super mom. I clean, just enough... I cook, so that we are fed... and I do what I feel is right when it comes to my daughter.

Let's start with the basics:
Quinn is breast-fed. She has been breast-fed for 10 months, though now I am starting to ween her by only feeding her at night so she is better prepared for cow's milk. There is nothing wrong with formula, but we just saw SO many more benefits to breastfeeding! (you can read more here)

We use disposable diapers. When I was pregnant I really did think about cloth diapering. I received a few boxes of diapers at my shower and I figured that once they were gone that I was going to pick up cloth diapering... but it's just not for us. I try to be as environmentally-friendly as possible, I really do, but using cloth diapers for us just seemed harder. And frankly, like I've stated before, I'm not super mom. I don't LOVE to do laundry and I'm not the mom that has "laundry day" once a week. I do our laundry when it needs to be done... so the laundry of cloth diapers just seemed a little overwhelming.

Showering. Quinn is a shower baby. Very rarely do I give her baths. Mostly because it is more convenient for us to just shower together and she really loves it. It takes us just a few minutes to shower, so I wrap her up in her hooded towel and we jump in. I have mastered holding her and washing myself at the same time, then a little scrubbing of Quinn and we are all done. I think shower time is really sweet and the bonding is just amazing! Besides showering together there are very few times when you and your baby will be naked together and the closeness and skin-to-skin contact is very special.

Co-sleeping. Quinn and I sleep together at night. Yes, we do... and there is nothing wrong with it. The way that I think of it is like a momma bear, there is no reason why I can't sleep with and cuddle my baby girl all night. We have baby-proofed by bed by pushing it against the wall with cushioned barriers all around. I will put Quinn in her crib for nap time, but mostly at night she's in with me. This started when Quinn was just a few months old and we were going through our move, we lived with my Aunt and we didn't take Quinn's crib with us. So she slept in the bed with me for a little over a month. Then, when we moved into our new house I started sleeping Quinn in her crib. But I was so paranoid! Every time I heard a little peep I would get up and check on her. I was afraid that something might happen and it was so nice having her in bed with me so I could keep an eye on her. Now Quinn has her own beautiful room and with her own crib and one day she will be sleeping in there... I just don't see the rush. Some people believe that once you get in the habit of co-sleeping that you will never be able to break it, but they are wrong.

The Baby Bullet. Quinn was strictly fed food that I made fresh and organic for her from her Baby Bullet for a few months. But since money is tight and we were then getting jarred baby food from WIC, we switched to doing both. I still continue to feed Quinn both from jarred baby food and food that I make for her. I still stand behind believing that homemade baby food is SO much better for babies and I really enjoy making it.

More serious talk:
Quinn is not vaccinated. I've touched on this several times before so if you'd like (you can read more here)
I am against vaccinations, yes.

Religion. I really hate to bring this up because I hate the controversy that comes along with it. But I feel that what I am doing is right for myself and my daughter so I am not ashamed to share. I do not believe in God. I do not believe in religion as a whole. So you can see how when choosing how to raise my daughter I've had to do a lot of thinking. I don't want to teach her one way or another so what I have decided to do is to just educate her. Knowledge is power, and I feel that the right thing to do is the educate her fully about EVERY religion "some people believe this, others believe this" and allow her to believe what she wishes.

Natural birth. You can read all about Quinn's birth story by clicking here. But, yes, Quinn was born vaginally and naturally and I believe this was the best way to go. I am not against other women having c-section delivery... but it is not for me. I understand that sometimes it is out of your power, but I refused to delivery Quinn via c-section. I knew that I wanted to have my daughter as naturally as possible and I believed that my body had to power to do so. With that mindset, I delivered my daughter exactly and as perfectly as I had planned.

Quinn comes first. I am not like other mom's my age or older that get baby sitters so that they can go out with their friends or go to parties... it's just not for me. While I understand that by choosing to be a mother you don't have to completely trow away your life before this and I know that there are those who can perfectly balance social life and their children. But for me, at this point in time I have my head set straight towards my daughter. I believe I have the rest of my life to go out and enjoy myself with friends and the time that I have to enjoy myself with my daughter at this age is limited... and I don't want to miss any of it.

This is what works for Quinn and I right now. Over time, some things may change... but I believe that what we are doing is working perfectly.

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