May 7, 2012

11 Months! 11 Months!

Well, It's been a few days... but the 4th marked your 11 month birthday! It's crazy to me that in less that one month you will be a year old. Before ya know it, you will have a boyfriend and be asking for a car!

Some very exciting things have changed this past month, but for the most part we have been staying busy with birthday planning, yard work, and spending time with our friends and family.

So, what's new?

The biggest and most important news is that you are now sleeping through the night! We are still co-sleeping but having you sleep throughout the night is definitely a big step. There are those occasional nights where you wake up once for a diaper change but never to eat in the middle of the night! I am so proud of you in that way and you mostly transitioned all on your own. If you were to toss and turn and wake up during the night, instead of feeding you I started rubbing your back and trying to soothe you back to sleep... and after a night or two you were sleeping through the night!

Some more big news is that we are no longer breast feeding! For a little over a week now we have been transitioning to cow's milk. You don't really like it very much so you only drink like 2 ounces at a time, but we are trying! The decision to stop breast feeding was pretty mutual. We had cut down to only breast feeding at night so when you stopped waking up to nurse, we just stopped breast feeding.

With food, you are trying all sorts of new foods. We are finding that a lot of times whatever I am eating you can have a bite of something on it, which is a very good thing because whenever you see food... you want it!

But like I've said, we've just been busy with yard work (since this is our first spring in our new house), taking care of our chickens and ducks, planning for your big day, and keeping to our daily routines! 

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