August 13, 2012

An Update! (Teeth, Sick Babies, and Big Kids)

So last week, August 7th to be exact, started out being a day just like any other. It was around noon, and I had just gotten out of the shower when you and your grandma walked over to our house. Then Gram said to me, "Hey, Did you notice anything when you give her a glass of milk?" I was confused. (Your Gram has a funny way of telling people things sometimes... Almost like a riddle.) Then she said, "Like a 'tink-tink' noise?" It "clicked!" Gram was talking about a tooth finally cutting through the surface! She noticed when she gave you a sip of milk that your tooth made a little 'tink' on the glass!
I was so excited because we have been waiting 14 months for your teeth to make an appearance and I couldn't believe you had finally gotten your first tooth! I quickly popped my finger in your mouth to get a little feel of which tooth was the lucky one, and lo and behold! You had two.
Your two bottom teeth were the first two to arrive and they showed up at the very same time! So you now officially have two teeth, not bad for a 14 month old ;-)

Now for the bad news :-(  Last week, on the 8th, I took you into the doctors. I had noticed one really little bump on your butt cheek and two similar really little bumps on your neck. Other than that, no fever, no super-fussy behavior (even though you were teething and we had no idea), and nothing else seemed to be wrong with you. I took you in just in case. Our pediatrician told us that you had the hand, foot, and mouth disease, read more about it here. Lucky for you, you had no other symptoms such as fever, headache, and sore throat. We were told that it should be completely gone in 7-10 days and now you are all better! We are very lucky that this is only your second time ever being sick (the first time you had a rash call Roseola, read about it here) and that it wasn't very serious.

Other than your teeth finally joining the party and getting "sick", a lot has changed in your behavior as well! You can communicate so good now, from shaking your head 'yes' and 'no', to really understanding what people say to you. If I say "Come on, let's go" you get up and start walking with me, if I say "Good job, Quinn!" you will stand up and clap for yourself, and if I say "Do you want this?" you will shake your head and sometimes say "yes" or "no". And of course, you are a professional waver! Hello! Goodbye! Well, Hi There! See Ya Later! You love to wave at everyone and everything, especially strangers.
I've also noticed you are staring to act more like a toddler. You are so silly and you do the funniest things, the only difference is that now you know your being funny. You will throw your head back and laugh, dance all silly, and just be goofy.

It definitely is bitter-sweet to watch you change and grow, but we've been having so much fun. I have grown to love you a more and more each day, and I still don't even understand how that is possible.

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