August 31, 2012

August Recapitulate

In just 4 short days you will be turning 15 months old. This past month has been one of those "oh-my-gosh-did-you-see-what-Quinn-just-did" months. Yes, you have been changing so much lately and you are no longer my baby, or just my toddler... you are growing up in to a big girl right before my eyes.

To start with, I've noticed that you can now recognize almost every word I say to you. Items like: shoes, cup, sippy, bottle, ninker (pacifier), baby, bowl, diaper, pants, shirt... etc. And other words like: more, hungry, thirsty, full, outside, up, and down.
The other morning you had a super full diaper, so I asked you if you needed a knew one. You nodded your head "yes" so I told you to go get one from your room. You ran into your room and brought me out a diaper. After I changed your diaper you pointed to the front door to tell me that you wanted to go outside, so I told you to go get some pants. You ran into your room, I followed you, and you walked right up to your wardrobe (where your pants are kept) and starting banging on the door! Just when I thought you couldn't get any smarter I said to you "Okay, now lets go get your shoes" and of course, you ran up to your shoes and brought them both back to me so I could put them on you! That was definitely the first moment when I realized that your really do understand almost everything that I say to you. I was in awe, but happy at the same time.

Also, earlier this week you mastered two "mealtime milestones" in the same day! During breakfast I went to give you your glass of milk like I always do, but only this time (and really for no reason at all) I decided to give you a straw. And yes, you drank out of it perfectly! Later on that day, your great aunt GG took us out to eat for my birthday. I ordered you the children's chicken fingers, your all-time favorite food, and (again, for no reason at all) I decided to let you try some ranch. After I poured it on your plate you immediately started picking up your chicken and dipping (more like "wiping) it into the ranch! You loved it.
*Side note: Your teeth are getting so big! Still just the two, but they are growing in great*

The other thing I have noticed this past month is that you have become even more vocal. Often times when you point to something or someone I swear you whisper what sounds just like "who's that" or "what's that". And just this past week you have learned how to say "kick it"! When you are playing with your dog, Sarge, you will run up to his ball and when you kick it you say "kick it"!

This month has also been a time for many firsts.
August 10th, you went to your very first concert; The Wiggles!

 You also just went on your very first bike ride!
And this week you went to Chuck E. Cheese's for the first time!

As you can see, August was a very exciting month for us... (not to mention 5 birthdays including mine!) and next month will be just as fun. Look out September, here Quinn comes!

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