August 1, 2012

Finally, An Update! (With Walking)

It's been a while, a great while, since I've updated our blog. I can't believe how busy we've been lately with everything from home improvements, to (an endless supply of) family parties, to story time and playing! And of course now that I have my little toddler, I've been plenty busy just trying to keep up with you everyday!

So, where do I begin.
At 12 months you had yet to sprout your first tooth and had only taken a few steps.
At 13 months you started taking about 5 steps at a time and again, no teeth.
Now at almost 14 months, you are walking EVERYWHERE and you have your first little bumps (lower middle) for your first two teeth!
Oh! And you are also forward-facing now!

After looking back at other monthly updates, I'm finding it even harder to share your new developments. Before, I could update with the few new foods you've added to your menu, but now that you are so big and eating everything I'd be better off to make a list of the foods you have yet to try! So, yes, you are eating everything in sight... and I still have yet to find one food that you don't love. Your diet is still 3 meals a day, and you are still just as in love with apple juice as you were the day you first tried it.

So what have we really been up to?
Like I said before, we've been busy enjoying life and having fun. I feel terrible that I haven't been making time to share with the world on our blog, Instagram etc... but only feel bad for a few seconds until I realize that we have just been living in the moment, everyday. This past week we got together with family, did some shopping and grocery shopping, took our first surprise trip to IKEA, and added some new furniture fixtures to our almost-perfect little house!

But I'll stop dragging on and end our update with a video of you, 13 months old, when you really started exploring and walking everywhere! (hopefully I'll have a better video soon.)
Until then.

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