September 8, 2012

Review of Parenting.

So a while back we were driving in the car and, of course, we were playing our Wiggles cassette tape. And I found it kind of funny because I ALWAYS used to tell myself that if I were to have children, I would NEVER listen to kids music... never in a million years did I think that I would be driving down the road jamming out to the wiggles with you, Quinn, and having the time of my life.

After that quick laugh, I decided there were quiet a few things that I said I would or wouldn't do with my children so I started to note down a little "review of parenting" in my phone. Some things I held my ground, but others not so much... here is what my list reads:

1.) Wouldn't listen to kids music. Well as you've just read, I listen to and love kids music (especially the Wiggles.) The music itself is actually really good and the content is super cute and obviously kid friendly. I was so excited to finally take you to your first Wiggles concert, we really love them.
2.) Wouldn't watch kids shows. I always said that if I had children, they would be Discovery Channel watching babies. Not so much. Before you were born the only T.V. I watched with educational (yea, yea..."boring") But really, I only watched Discovery Channel and it's sister channels. But now, my T.V. is on Sprout every minute that you are awake! You absolutely love to watch Sprout and I really do think that if you are going to watch T.V. it needs to be pre-school-friendly (and not going to lie, it's not that bad to watch.)
3.) Would cloth diaper. Nope. Even up until you were born I had the idea that I was going to cloth diaper, I would use the disposable diapers that we got for our shower and when they were gone I was going to sign-up with a cloth diapering service. But when we came home, and you were in the pee-pee-poo-poo-every-ten-minutes phase... the idea quickly jumped my mind. Yes, I could start to cloth diaper now... and yea, I do realize it is much better for the earth... but it's just not for me.
4.) Wouldn't breastfeed. This wasn't always on my mind. In high school I took a parenting class, when we learned about breast feeding I just thought "it wasn't for me". But the second I found out I was pregnant, I don't know what happened but I instantly wanted to breast feed. I knew from that moment on that I was going to, and I did.
5.) Would never take my child in public without shoes. Half-check. It was ALWAYS a pet peeve of mine when people would take their kids out in public with no socks or shoes on. Even if they were being carried, I thought it was just gross. I still don't like it, but I have done it...once. So I guess with this one I just realized little things like that aren't as important as I thought they were.
6.) Would have my daughter's ears pierced. No. I ALWAYS said that if I had a daughter I would get her ears pierced when she was like a month old, and now I hate it. I think it's great if other people choose to do that, but no. No, no, no, no, no. Not you. Babies are so untouched by the world and there is something so innocent, so pure, about a naked baby. When I think of you with earrings in it just slaughters the vision of my young, innocent little girl. But don't get me wrong, you have all the time in the world to get pierced and as soon as you tell me that's what you want we can go out and get them done.
7.) Wouldn't vaccinate. Check! Finally a check. I said I wouldn't vaccinate and I haven't. Good for us.
8.) Would doll up my daughter. I'm talking borderline Toddlers in Tiaras dolled up. I wanted to doll you up in ridiculous outfits with crazy accessories everyday! But then I realized how ridiculous that is and you are naked down to a diaper 99.9% of the time... just the way we like it. Which leads me to:
9.) Would not let my baby walk around naked. This is a big "uncheck". I didn't used to like when I saw a kid walking around in just a diaper, I would always think "someone put some clothes on that baby". But like I've just stated, you are always naked. Naked in the morning, naked in the evening, naked, naked, naked.
10.) Would make homemade baby food. Check! Another check! I did always think it would be so fun and good for my children to make them homemade baby food, and we did! We used our Baby Bullet for many many months and I do think it was the best thing.

Similar to my "review of parenting" I started to make a list of "Things That I Never Thought Would Happen" (pertaining to having kids)... here is a small list of what I came up with:

1.) Multi-tasking. Never in a million years did I ever think I would be good at multi-tasking, but I swear since the minute you were born I have become the multi-tasking queen! I've heard kids can do that to you.
2.) Spidey-Senses. Haha, but really. Ever heard of the term "mom ears"? Well it's true. Along with feeling when something is wrong, knowing where your baby is at all times without even looking, and reading your baby's mind when they can't talk... And I've done them all.
3.) Love my body. Every woman's fear is their body after childbirth, I thought I would hate my body after having you Quinn... but it's quite the opposite. My body has changed in ways I never thought it would and I love it more now! Just have to tone up some spots, and with my new gym membership (gift to myself) I will be able to do just that! Commence project "hot-mama".

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