October 27, 2012

A Quinn Update: Vacation, Vocabulary, and a Tooth!

It's known that all work and no play is never a good thing. And lately we've been feeling a little... stuffy, overwhelmed with the stress of everyday life. So, I decided to take Quinn on a vacation.

It was a quick 2-day vacation, but it was just what we needed! Monday morning we woke up and realized we needed a little break. I kept thinking "Where do I want to go do? What would be fun?" And from there, I hopped online and booked a room at the Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth! I have been going there since I was a little girl but it had been a while since I've stayed overnight! So we packed up and headed out.
The drive is not too bad, only about an hour. But once we got there, we had so much fun. Our Aunt GG met us and we went shopping all day, swimming in the pool, played in the arcade, and went out to chicken dinner at night! Our vacation was short and sweet, but it was definitely worth it.

(I have gotten a picture of myself in front of this "cheese mouse" at the Cheese Haus since I was a little girl, so I figured Quinn needed to start too!)

(And some more shopping pics!)

So other than our mini-vaca, we have been super busy and changing a lot! Our life has flipped and turned yet again and, again, I can't believe how much Quinn has been changing. I know I say this ALL the time but it seriously amazes me! I would say in the last week alone she has learned to say a dozen words and has gotten goofier by the day. I'm starting to really see my toddler and it's scary-exciting!
Let's see if I can list Quinn's vocabulary... "mom", "dog", "no", "hot", "butt", "yea", "hi", "bye", "ball", "tree", "here you go", "ninker", "baba", "down"...and many more I can't think of right now!

And in even bigger news, Quinn cut her third tooth today!! Her first two (bottom-middle two) popped up at the same time over two months ago! I was starting to think she'd never get any more teeth until grandma pointed out to me today that her top middle tooth (to the right) had just popped through the surface! So we now officially have 3 teeth, how exciting!

Not only have Quinn's vocabulary and teeth count grown, so has her silliness. Honestly, she has been SO goofy lately... I can't even believe it! Out of no where she started throwing herself around, kicking her legs out like a ninja and even making sound effects! She's been oogling over herself in the mirror, like she thinks she's just the cutest thing and even taking her diaper off and running through the house! I'm not sure where this ego or inner comic has come from, but it's almost too much for me to handle ;-)

Also, Halloween is coming up soon and Quinn is going to be... a LADYBUG! So, until then...

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