October 8, 2012

The (Not-So-Wonderful) Wonder Weeks

What the heck has been going on! What happened to by happy, easy-going little girl? Where did she go, because I can't wait to get her back!
This past week I have had the feeling that the terrible two's are coming way too early for little miss Quinn. She has been fussy all the time (even during mealtime...which is unheard of for my good eater), crying and wining for no reason throughout the day, and just all over a very unhappy girl. I've ruled out almost every possibility trying to figure out what could be wrong; from nap times, dirty diapers, and hunger to teething pains and upset stomach. But I just could NOT make her happy.
With my mind wondering and completely out of ideas, I remember that a while back I had downloaded the iPhone app "The Wonder Weeks". After seeing screenshots from a few moms on Instagram, I decided I might give it a try. I've barely ever used the app but I figured now would be a good time to check it out (and besides... I paid for it, right?)

Here's a little background about The Wonder Weeks:

Pretty great, huh? Now I feel the need to buy the book too!
Anyways... So when you first download the app you'll fill in your child's information (including name, gender, and your due date [the reason you don't enter their birth date is because "The timing of the mental development of a baby is linked to the age since conception and not to the age since birth. Therefore, to know when your baby is making a leap, you have to fill in the due date, not the date of birth."])
After filling everything out you can then see different leaps and stats of your baby right now!

Like I said, I set this all up many months ago and am just now returning to it. And upon opening up the app... boom! Right away I see:

 Glory, Halleluiah! I'm not going crazy, Quinn really is going through a rough patch. So off the bat, you can see exactly what your baby is going through right now! Useful.
But, you don't need someone to just tell you that your baby is being fussy, I mean that's pretty obvious, right? This app ALSO shows you a detailed chart of "Your Baby's 10 Great Fussy Phases":

There we are... 71 1/2 weeks. "Your baby may be more fussy now"... well that's for sure! But the best part about this chart is it gives you a new found hope! You can now count down the days the fussy periods are over! (or on the flip side you can prepare yourself for when they are coming)

Another thing what is super nice about this app is that it gives you a detailed list of signs that your baby is making their leap! So not only do you get a description of what they are going through, you also get a list of what they are expected to be doing!

Yep. Sounds like an early terrible two's. Here is the Quinn's full list:
  • Me and my body
  • I have control over my body
  • I can do it myself
  • I have my own will
  • I can decide for myself
  • I want power
  • She is just naughty to show: "I do what I want. So what are you going to do about it?"
  • She grasps that mom and dad are individuals too who lead their own lives.
  • She can console
  • Your toddler starts to understand that she is part of an extended family and wants to phone Grandpa and Grandma
  • Learns the rules of what belongs to whom and what she is entitled to
  • Creates drawings that represent something from the real world
  • Starts to develop a sense of time now. Her memory of past experiences improves and she gets better at anticipating the future.
  • Shows an impressive increase in the comprehension of words spoken around her
  • Starts to speak more and more words

 So moms, if you haven't already downloaded this app you might want to think about it!
Until next time... I will be dealing with my monster daughter. (sigh... only 4 more weeks)

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