November 29, 2012

Gettin' Craftsy!


A few weeks ago, I finished my first ever Craftsy class and it went so well that I HAVE to share my experience! Craftsy gets four stars from me. Why? Well...


What is Craftsy?

"Craftsy is a community of people who love to make things." Quilters, bakers, crafters, knitters, crocheters and more come together in this online community to learn and inspire. You can share and sell patterns, shop for supplies, share projects, and take online classes! I have been using Craftsy to share my free crochet patterns and I finally decided to take my first class!

Choosing a Class.

The only thing that could make Craftsy better is if they offered more crochet classes! Being an advanced crocheter I would have liked to take some unique crochet classes, but new classes are always being offered so I'm hoping its only a matter of time! Instead, I decided to learn something I have always wanted to try and I enrolled in Knit Lab with Stefanie Japel! Learning to knit has always been on my "lifelong list of things to do" and I was very excited to learn!

Class Experience.

Immediately, I was very pleased with the design of the "classroom". The course videos allow you to skip to different lessons and different topics inside each lesson, which is great for quick learners like me or others who would only like to watch certain lessons within the course. There is also a sidebar which displays questions asked by others in the class (so helpful!) And better than that, as the video plays the questions are highlighted at the point which they were asked so you can really understand "okay, this question is about what Sefanie is talking about right now" and that really really helps with the learning process! I read through responses to questions I would have other wise not asked myself and I learned that much more! Also in the questions box you can respond to all questions and, vice versa, you can ask specific questions and expect to get answers from the teacher along with others in the class (you can even attach a picture with your question!)

The course also provides you with class materials with helpful tools and patterns for the class projects. It also includes a class overview, materials and patterns, information about your instructor, and other resources.

When you finish with the class project you can share your final projects along with pictures of other finished projects made by your classmates! (View mine below!) You are allowed to comment on and view different yarns and materials that others used and it's just lovely to view other projects like your own and maybe get ideas for the next time!

On The Go.

What's better than all of this? There is also a Craftsy app for the iPad! With a lovely design, you can take your class with you and even enroll in new classes everywhere you go! The app is great for taking classes and the only thing I wish the app allowed you to do is upload patterns, but unfortunately for now you can not upload patterns to Craftsy from your iPad.


I had an amazing first experience taking my Craftsy class! And even more, it never has to end. You can go back and view and even retake your class anytime you want! Craftsy is a fantastic and largely growing community and would recommend it for anyone!

My Projects.

Here is my first Lacy Keyhole Scarf created while taking Knit Lab!

And after taking the class I made my very first knit hat!

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