November 20, 2012

Recognition, Rubs, and a Feline Friend!

Our recent life and other developments is well worth a blog update.
Firstly, Quinn and I are now officially pet owners! We have added a lovely kitty to our family, please welcome Lady Louella! (This is the only picture I have so far)
Feel free to call her Louie. She is a few years old and the sweetest kitty ever. Not to mention Quinn just ADORES her and will not stop saying "kittttttty!" The story? Well, Louie was a stray outside of our house and after a few very cold nights of seeing her roaming around we decided to give her some food.  She devoured two cans of food and was very sweet, hesitant, but sweet. So a few more nights went by and we decided that it was not fair to leave her out in the cold... so we brought her inside with the intentions of taking her to the vet to get looked at so we could decide what to do from there. And a few days later we did just that. The first vet we took her to had shocking news... she was pregnant. We couldn't believe it! But glad that we could help her through her pregnancy and make sure that she was fed and healthy.
A few days later we took her to a clinic to get blood tests and a general check-up. It was at this clinic that we were told some very sad news, she had feline leukemia. Cats with leukemia can be kept as pets and live just fine but they are not allowed to be outdoor cats for the risk of infecting other cats, and they should not be kept around cats that are not infected for the same reason. So the plan of my mom keeping her was immediately thrown out the window, as she has two cats that she has had for a long time and loves them both too much to risk exposing them to leukemia. So, we were still very unsure about what to do with this little darling.
The vet also informed us that it would not be fair to her babies to make her go through birth because the kittens would more than likely be born with leukemia and since her immune system is already at jeopardy, so might not survive the birth. So we scheduled a date to get her fixed. Long story short, when the vet had put her under for operation, they found out that the cat was not pregnant and had already been fixed!? I know, crazy! After this already crazy adventure, Quinn and I decided that we would love and care for this wonderful kitty and give her the best life possible for however long that might be.

What else is new? Well, I feel like I have a completely new child. Out of nowhere, Quinn has developed this extensive vocabulary! She can also recognize objects and people in pictures and say it out loud. Several times yesterday she would point to pictures of her and I and say "mama", then point to her hat in the picture and say "hat", then to her pacifier and say "ninker"...etc. So, I decided it might be time to use the sure cute flashcards that I got for her! And for being the first time showing them to her, I was VERY impressed! Instantly she recognized 7 of the cards. I showed her the pictures and she perfectly repeated "nose", "kitty", "dog", "hat", "ball", "tree", and "Elmo"!
I managed to catch a little of it, here is a quick video:

Like I said, I was just amazed that she was able to say them all the first time seeing them! We will definitely have to practice the rest of the cards on a daily basis!

Other than having an exponential growth in vocabulary, Quinn is also getting way more emotional. Not in a throwing-a-fit-kicking-and-screaming way (although, that does happen occasionally), but more in a very sweet and loving way. The other morning we were laying in bed watching cartoons and Quinn looked down at me, started singing, and rubbing my head. I just thought it was the sweetest thing that she was trying to be all sentimental, she even leaned down and gave me a kiss afterwards. How darling.

And our last exciting new for this past week is the appearance of two new teeth! That's right...2! So she now has: #1&#2-Right and Left Central Incisor (lower), #3-Right Central Incisor (upper), #4-Right Lateral Incisor (lower), #5-Left Central Incisor (upper). Five teeth! And even though when she smiles you can only see the bottom two, it's still good to know that they are finally coming in!

So... a cat, some teeth, and a growing brain. We have been doing great and are happy and excited for the holiday season to begin!

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