January 5, 2013

Knit Boot Cuffs- Free Knitting Pattern!


No 8-5.00mm knitting needles

Medium weight yarn (Pictured: Patons Classic Wool, Grey Marl- 210 yds)

Yarn needle



Cast on 74 sts (13 in around).

For larger cuffs, cast on 80 sts and continue pattern as normal (15 in around).

Row 1: k2, p2.

Rows 2-12: Repeat row 1.

Body: (looking at the right side you should have 4 knit rows, one purl row, 4 knit rows....)

Row 1 (RS) ridge: Purl

Row 2 (WS): Purl

Row 3 (RS): Knit

Row 4 (WS): Purl

Row 5 (RS): Knit

Row 6 (WS) ridge: Knit

Row 7 (RS): Knit

Row 8 (WS): Purl

Row 9 (RS): Knit

Row 10 (WS): Purl

Rows 11-19: Repeat rows 1-9

Row 20 (WS): p2tog, p2, *p2tog, p2* repeat across.

Row 21 (RS) ridge: Cast off. (K2, use left knitting needle to slip the first loop on the right needle over the second, k1, slip the first loop over the second, all the way across until you have one loop remaining. Tie off leaving a long tail for weaving.)

*Using the end tail, fold the boot cuff in half inside out and sew the ends together*

All text and images created by Carrissa Knox from Penelope Rae at ( You may print and share this pattern but do not reproduce or distribute as your own. Finished products created using this pattern may be sold. It is appreciated if credit is given to Penelope Rae for the design of this pattern. If you have any questions/comments please feel free to email Carrissa Knox at You can view all other crochet patterns and crochet items for sale at