January 1, 2013

Changes For The New Year! (Oliver, Big Kids, and Toddler Beds)

Life Update

Welcoming the new year our life has so many new changes. With many new additions, opportunities, and updates, we are so grateful and fortunate!

Firstly, we have added a new member to our family! After the unfortunate loss of our first pet (due to feline leukemia), Quinn and I were both very sad. We had such a short time together before she became very sick and Quinn and I decided that we were ready for and very much wanted a kitty in our home. So, on December 23 we adopted our new best friend, Oliver!

The Story:

I had been reading up on all of the pets at the Michigan Humane Society and at the local Adopt A Pet, Fenton. After weeks of studying every cat up for adoption, I had my mind set on a beautiful grey cat named Lucy who lived at Adopt A Pet. However, when we went to visit we found that Lucy wasn't too excited about having kids around. When we first walked in to the cat room a beautiful, 8-month old, orange kitty ran right up to us. He immediately wanted to play with Quinn. After playing around a bit, there wasn't much thinking that needed to be done. Just before making the official decision, Quinn leaned down and this kitty gave her a kiss right on the lips. This sweet and playful orange kitty was the one for us!

When we got him home he was more perfect than we ever imagined. Happy, playful, curious, snuggly, and very very sweet. He is the most well-behaved cat and Quinn and he are best friends!


A Quinn Update

So many new and exciting things have changed in Quinn's world! Not only has she adopted a new best friend, but she is also turning into such a big girl!

Firstly, she went poppy on the big girl potty all by herself. I know, "Ew!", but this is very exciting! I haven't been super aggressive about potty training yet (she IS only 18 months old), but I do put her on the potty when she tells me she needs to go... Just so she gets used to the idea!

Also, no more bottles for Quinn! What I thought was going to be a NIGHTMARE trying to get her off of the bottle, because she is used to having one before bed, turned out to be easy peasy! I simply put her to bed without a bottle, she cried "Baba!" one time then went to bed perfectly without it. Two weeks later, she hasn't asked or cried for a bottle since!

Quinn also got a lot of new/big girl presents for Christmas! Including her first toothbrush and toothpaste, some new big girl shoes and slippers, and lots of new toddler plates, cups, and utensils! (Along with an abundance of toys, of course)

And lastly, and most importantly, Quinn's crib is now a toddler bed! That's right, no more co-sleeping. She has been sleeping in her own bed since nap-time yesterday and, similar to the bottle experience, what I thought would be impossible has been so incredibly easy!

(At night, there is a gaurd that prevents her from rolling off!)
The story:
I decided it was time to put Quinn in her own bed the other morning when I was sandwiched between her and our new kitty. I was so happy and filled with love, of course, but I realized we were getting crowded and I also thought Quinn would enjoy sleeping in her own bed. (Not to mention I haven't had a bed to myself in a very, very long time!) So, I began to think of ways to get Quinn in her own bed that would be fun and inviting for her... And yesterday morning, I turned it into a toddler bed! She was very excited about the idea at first, she wanted to play in her room more and get up on her bed to watch movies. So when nap time came around I put her up into her bed and waited for her to fall asleep, this was the roughest part. She kept standing up and wanting me to pick her up, but I kept explaining how this was now her bed and how she needed to lay down and take a nap. It did take 2 hours for her to fall asleep, but I think being there with her, explaining that she was safe and now she gets to sleep in her own room, really helped! And the 2 long hours definitely proved worth it because when bedtime came around last night, I laid her in her bed and she rolled over and went right to sleep. Having only woken up twice last night and falling back asleep very quickly and easily, I think Quinn did a perfect job transitioning into her new bed! It also really helps that Oliver never wants to leave her side. He will jump up in her bed with her and lay by her feet and it helps her fall right to sleep. They really are the best of friends.


So having a very good daughter and the best new feline friend, this mama is so happy and filled with love. I am hopefully, optimistic, and welcoming towards the new year and I know this year will be so exciting and full of good fortune and many opportunities!


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