January 5, 2013

Knit Boot Cuffs- Free Knitting Pattern!


No 8-5.00mm knitting needles

Medium weight yarn (Pictured: Patons Classic Wool, Grey Marl- 210 yds)

Yarn needle



Cast on 74 sts (13 in around).

For larger cuffs, cast on 80 sts and continue pattern as normal (15 in around).

Row 1: k2, p2.

Rows 2-12: Repeat row 1.

Body: (looking at the right side you should have 4 knit rows, one purl row, 4 knit rows....)

Row 1 (RS) ridge: Purl

Row 2 (WS): Purl

Row 3 (RS): Knit

Row 4 (WS): Purl

Row 5 (RS): Knit

Row 6 (WS) ridge: Knit

Row 7 (RS): Knit

Row 8 (WS): Purl

Row 9 (RS): Knit

Row 10 (WS): Purl

Rows 11-19: Repeat rows 1-9

Row 20 (WS): p2tog, p2, *p2tog, p2* repeat across.

Row 21 (RS) ridge: Cast off. (K2, use left knitting needle to slip the first loop on the right needle over the second, k1, slip the first loop over the second, all the way across until you have one loop remaining. Tie off leaving a long tail for weaving.)

*Using the end tail, fold the boot cuff in half inside out and sew the ends together*

All text and images created by Carrissa Knox from Penelope Rae at ( You may print and share this pattern but do not reproduce or distribute as your own. Finished products created using this pattern may be sold. It is appreciated if credit is given to Penelope Rae for the design of this pattern. If you have any questions/comments please feel free to email Carrissa Knox at You can view all other crochet patterns and crochet items for sale at



Anonymous said...

Should it be 72 stitches to cast on because then it's a multiple of 4 and the ribs work out?

Anonymous said...

I used Encore Plymouth Yarn worsted and 74 stitches were way too many. I have to find someone in my family with huge calves now. Check out other boot cuffs and you'll find most of them have you cast on even numbers in the 60's. This is the only pattern I found that calls for that many stitches.

Anonymous said...

Way too many stitches. I'm doing ladies hats with only 84 stitches.

Joanne said...

Use 64 stitches to get to the 13" referenced.

WML said...

Thanks Joanne. I just did the ribbed area for the larger side...I don't know any men who would wear these. I love the cuff, just need the instructions to be accurate.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the comments about way too many stitches. I am adjusting my pattern for 60 stitches and maybe even down to 40 for the tiny teen grandchildren in my family! Will just have to see what works after a few rows.

Love the cuff idea, though!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am new(er) to knitting and need to know what the acronyms of (RS),(WS), and (P2tog) are...thanks!!

Kilmartor said...

Right side (RS)
Wrong side (WS)
Pearl 2 together (P2tog)

Anonymous said...

It would be great if you'd change your original pattern to 60 stitches if that is what is needed. Luckily I read the comments before making your awesome pattern.

Nataline said...

If an 8 year old has a 12 1/2" calf, how many stitches would be suggested? She really likes the pattern.

Hollyb said...

Help! What does "13 in around" mean?

Anonymous said...

13 inches around (the measurement) of the piece

Mona Simpson-Premorel said...

I dont understand the directions.. the first 13 rows are K2,P2.. then the next line is Body before the rows of stitches ..they dont match... 4 rows of K, a purl, 4 rows of K, etc....can someone explain please...?..

Anonymous said...

Just made the first one as described and it's way too big at the top. I just read the comments and will try the second one with 60 stitches. I'll probably have to make a third to be able to wear them.

Anonymous said...

I have a question based on the January 9, 2015 comment by Mona Simpson-Premorel...I have the same issue you have...I do not understand it either. I love the pattern and the ladies of the family want some but I wish someone would tweek the pattern for accuracy and punctuation then republish it.

Judi S said...

I'm surprised that the designer of these boot cuffs hasn't left a comment. After reading all your comments about sizing I think I need a little more information before I I try this project

haley said...

To get the right measurement measure your calf. Do a swatch of the yarn you want to use. That will give you how many stitches in an inch. Multiply the number of stitches by the desired circumstance. This will give you the correct number of case on stitches. Happy knitting!

Anonymous said...

I used Patons classic wool, cast on 52 stitches on a 4.5 mm straight needle. I did about 5 extra rows in pattern, to make them as long as if I had used the recommended needle size and cast off loosely.
This fits my thin teen's legs and looks good with the mid calf boots that are so popular right now.

Anonymous said...

P.S. before I cast off I did knit 1, knit 2 together repeated. Then cast off loosely. I think the knit 2 together all around before casting off was too tight.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I knitted first cuff before reading comments. My cuff turned out way to big. Knitted second boot cuff casting on 60 stitches which fitted my calf's perfectly. This is a nice pattern but shame amount of stitches wasn't altered by writer!

Anonymous said...

I like thicker yarn and bigger needles so i found if i did use them i CO 30 stiches and if i used her size needles i did do about 50 to 60. It depended on how loose or tightly you knit.

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